Timeless Love Collection - Kylie's Design Process

Design Moodboard

Hey Everyone!  Kylie here and I'm SO excited to release the Timeless Love collection that I wanted to write a blog to show you how I brought the collection together. 

As you may know, I not only design every style from scratch but also oversee the production and quality in our hand-sewn facility in Orange County California.

I don't normally write blogs but a friend recently asked me about my creative process and so I wanted to share my creative process behind building this collection.  I'd LOVE to hear your feedback and of course you can always reach out and ask me questions through my social channels (IG @kylieofkya)

The Timeless Love Collection was inspired by my love for Palm Springs and the vintage/timeless nature of it's inhabitants.  It's the place where you escape to lounge by the pool anytime of year and the vintage styles from Marylyn Monroe carryon in cute retro yet modern hotels.

I created the mood board above to visually organize my thoughts on the look and (most importantly) feel of the collection and then got to work consolidating different color combinations that fit the vibe. 

After navigating endless color options and picking each unique color, I look to design body styles that mirror the look and feel of not just the collection, but also the specific color-way it's designed for.  Interestingly enough, not every suit looks good in any color and the contrasting details on reversible swim takes an added level of precision for each swimsuit to look remarkable on both sides.

I digitally create hundreds of style/color combinations before finalizing a collection of like this.  As you can see from the CADS below, I make sure to illustrate the full detail of the primary and reversible colors to take into account every trim detail.

Hope you loved this brief review and I'll share more on the (next step) sample/production process in another blog soon :)

CAD Designs 1

CAD Designs 2

 CAD Designs 3