As a fully reversible swimwear line, KYA swim is the fruition designer Kylie Genesoto's vision of what life should be: freedom to live in the moment.  Freedom to flip every uniquely reversible bikini into a new look while living in the moment knowing that every design is quality crafted to curve with your body.  No detail is too small with custom color palettes, textures, and accents coming together to create the most unforgettable reversible designs possible. 

 Uniquely Reversible – Made in California – Unparalleled Design


Quick Q&A 
with Kylie

Q: Why is making each suit Reversible important?

A: Reversible swimwear has SO many benefits over conventional pieces and they are even made to higher quality because they are double lined with the same quality fabric.  This allows our pieces to have a thicker luxurious feel while also supplying a completely new look anytime you need it.  I can't tell you how many times our KYA beauties post photos in both sides of our swimwear.  I've even packed a suit thinking I would wear it on one side only to pair it with something else using the reversed side.  I just LOVE the versatility on so many levels :)


Q: What made you decide to manufacture swimwear in California?

A: Our company is based in Huntington Beach CA and manufacturing locally is the best way to bring my designs to life without sacrifice.  In addition to better quality manufacturing, I'm able to oversee production to ensure my designs are never compromised.  The uniquely reversible designs I create often require one-of-a-kind manufacturing processes that require extreme attention to detail and therefore sending out production overseas is not a viable option.


Q: How can you design Everything Reversible? It seems so hard...

A: I really enjoy making timeless pieces that work for every occasion and so I push myself to create something that has multiple uses.  It might take me twice as long to create a collection and pair colors that blend well together but it's worth the effort.  In most cases my reversible patterns are completely unique to sewing/production teams and require trial and error to get the fit and feel just right - that's why I produce locally in California to get instant feedback on how my styles fit, feel, and flow together.  In addition to being reversible, I design many of our pieces to be worn as a top or bodysuit.  The more functionality a piece can offer, the more important it will be in your wardrobe.

In the end, my increased efforts are justified by the love and reviews from our KYA girls.  They talk about the quality fabric feel on the inside of the swim, the fact that it can be Instagrammed multiple times while always looking fresh, and the way it allows them to go on vacation confidently knowing they can reverse suits to match almost anything.